Flicker free LED

One of the more recent issues planners direct at manufacturers is the light quality of LEDs. Even though some producers address the topic of «Human Centric Light», that is the change of the light colour according to the course of natural daylight, which the trade fair company declared as key topic, many of them were not able to provide satisfactory information regarding colour reproduction and even less regarding flickering. Light simply isn’t always the same, and so our guide Michael Rohde (L-Plan Lighting Design) pointed out during his tours of the trade fair that many luminaires quiver in a way that is not visible for the human eye, but noticeable for a measuring device. The flickering is not just a matter of the slow motion transfer from the football stadium, but also of the effects on our health. Soraa from California (co-founded by Shuji Nakamura, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for the development of the blue LED) has taught as a great deal about this subject as well as about improved colour reproduction. Their LEDs are not only «flicker-free» but have an additional purple tinge, which considerably enhances colour reproduction and thus the light quality. This was unique at this year’s Light+Building!


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